Automation and integration of business process through software technology has been empowering organizations to the path of success as business software becomes more accessible and affordable to organizations and businesses. It is a powerful enabler that accelerates positive growth and creates a competitive advantage. Organizations that need to not only automate, integrate and harvest its business process data elements require strategic and visionary partners that think and look beyond the day-to-day operations with a view to reinvent business models by aligning business and software principles. At BIIL we approve of this strategic thought and also execute programs and projects that align with this vision that sets our customers aside from competition.

At BIIL we transform the way our customers delivers its services and products to its target markets. Because we are aware that as our customers transforms the way it manages its own operations and deliverables to its target market, we have successfully powered progress through efficiency and focus. Because we are Business Systems Specialist, our approach is centred on the practical alignment of business ideation, programs and project that are planned towards organizational alignment. Ensuring consolidated and complete business process data capturing becomes second nature throughout our customers’ business activities.


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What We Do

Application Deployment

As the economic, social, political and other environmental factors are driving change, your organization needs to respond with more efficient, agile and integrated business software systems, technology and solutions consistently.

Application Localization

For our customers that need to effectively enhance their current business application, software solutions embedded within the organization or localize functionalities offered by their existing Information Systems and Technology investments.

BI, BW and Big Data Analysis

Every organization big or small creates relevant reports regarding the data it finds possible to extract from its business processes and operations. Hence, reporting data and information management becomes critical to everyday

Outsourcing Solutions

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How We Work


Our solutions align to our clients’ organizational strategy.

Close the loop

We ensure our solution meet the agreed building block details


Our designs are bench marked completely to our customer’s framework.


Our solutions are monitored to validate our deliverables.


Our solutions are delivered within a shorter go-to market time.


The details of the design are delivered at this juncture.

Application Deployment


Because we know national economies and organizations are facing growth challenges and ever-tighter margins respectively, we deliver our solutions with a shorter time to market and leaner operations.

Business Intelligence and Warehousing


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